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Manalapan, NJ (June 1, 2019)– MYFA announced today that for the 2019 season it will GIVE OUT to every youth football participant a new VICICS Helmet! 


VICIS is a Seattle-based company focused on sports protective technologies. Its inaugural product, the ZERO1 football helmet, launched in 2017 and ranked first for 3 consecutive years from 2017-2019in NFL/NFLPA Helmet Performance testing, and was named one of TIME Magazine's 25 Best Inventions of 2017. VICIS was also named one of Fast Company's 2018 Most Innovative Companies. The company has recently unveiled the ZERO1 YOUTH helmet, the first football helmet truly optimized for kids.The ZERO1 YOUTH received the highest rating in Virginia Tech’s 5-STAR Ratings for Youth football helmets.For more information, visit


It’s been quite some time since Jersey Shore American Youth Football (JSAYF) surpassed Pop Warner as the largest Youth Football Program in NJ, and Manalapan has consistently boasted the largest numbers in terms of participation within JSAYF. Year after year, Manalapan has demonstrated a passion and commitment to excellence with respect to the game. Over the last 10-20 years youth Coaches like Rich Staklinski and Nick Appice set the winning tone focusing less on “daddy-ball” and more on teaching the nuances of the game – their style of play is still mimicked not only in Manalapan but across the league.  Pat Marzo, “taking the handoff” from Coach Rich and Nick, has done nothing but win 9 straight State titles across multiple age groups, with 2 National titles. He along with the likes of Richie Visco, Ed Heckel, Mike Palmer and Anthony Mucciolo … have simply established Manalapan as the Gold Standard in youth football.  


It’s no secret that the number 1 concern holding parents back from letting their children participate in the sport is head injury.  That’s why it’s only fitting that MYFA would continue to set the bar in meeting this concern “head on”.  MYFA President Dan Grzejka had this to say, “Safety is always our main objective. For years we’ve focused on teaching the latest tackling methods aimed at taking the head out of impact, hiring field trainers, and enforcing mandatory coaching clinics .. we simply demand excellence from our coaches when it comes to protecting our players – our Board extensively discussed the move to VICIS and in the end it was unanimous. We WILL do our part to preserve the game and institute the latest technology to help avoid head injuries.  Big thanks to our dedicated Board, generous sponsors and of course VICIS for making it all happen!”


VICIS Rep Andrew Grant told MYFA that when they interviewed several of the High School powerhouses across Monmouth County, there was a resounding consistency in opinion … if VICIS was going to support any youth program, Manalapan has one of the best around. With the VICIS helmet at the height on the market in terms of retail price, MYFA turned to some of its strongest sponsors to help support the effort.  Local business owner and MYFA Coach Frank Tackett stepped up to the plate in a substantial way.  “When I saw how MYFA was taking such a strong proactive approach to the safety of its players, I felt compelled to help the cause.  As a Dad and a coach, I want our kids to learn the game I’ve loved my entire life, but SAFETY is the most important factor.” 

Pat Marzo and several other sponsors also contributed toward the cost of the effort as it was important goal of the Board that MYFA registration costs for parents were not affected by the move to VICIS.  At the end of the day, MYFA and its sponsors came through … now the Number 1 youth football program, in the largest football association in the State, is embracing the number 1, most technologically advanced piece of equipment ever designed to help combat the Number 1 concern amongst parents – player safety!  

Manalapan Youth Football Association is an IRSC 501(c)(3) non-profit LLC. 

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